What is NB Charts

NB Charts is a plugin that supports Photoshop / Xd / Sketch / Figma, It can be generated

Line charts, column charts, pie charts, radar charts, maps

Now what you see is for Figma

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Xiang Lee is an UI designer, whose life goal is to develop a plug-in that can have influence all over the world.

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NB Charts for Ps

Charts, Pie, Map


NB Charts for Xd

Charts, Pie, Map


NB Charts for Sketch

Charts, Pie, Map


Why use it?
Save Time

In general, using Figma to plot real data is a very time consuming process.

Make it Easy

Pull the box, fill in the color values, click OK to get the chart effect you want easily


Accurately representing numbers with visual elements requires careful consideration of sizing and spacing to ensure an honest result.

Easy to accomplish

Developers can use Echarts to achieve, the effect can be consistent with the design

About NB Charts
Development Process

My work often involves drawing charts, so I made a chart tool directly to facilitate myself

About Price

Now I have developed this plug-in full-time and have no income. If you find it easy to use, remember to buy me a cup of coffee.


The plug-in is made in 8 languages, and the workload of adapting the interface is also huge. Errors are unavoidable, remember to give me feedback. My Email: 26304971@qq.com

NB Charts is one of the best and most efficient plugins I have ever used.

With it, I was able to focus more on design.

I can generate different effects multiple times to compare,

Get the best design results in a short time!

UI designers received rave reviews