If you have some knowledge of the JSON data, you can also use "Import JSON" to draw a variety of charts directly.


Drawing step

1. Please draw or select an object such as a rectangle.

2. Check the content you need to draw, including the horizontal lines, vertical lines, text, lines, area, etc.

3. Choose whether you want to plot random data or Manually data, if it is random data, Then fill in the range of random data. If it is fixed data, it is required to fill in the values of each point, separated by commas.

4. You can also draw multiple lines on the chart, click the Add a set of data button, fill in the corresponding parameters of the second set of data, and draw a second line. And so on, you can draw multiple polylines

5. ClickDrawingbutton, NB Charts will automatically draw the graphics you need.

Interpretation of various parameters